Constructing a new house is a memorable experience! If you will be beginning a new family or creating the ideal home, developing a comprehensive new home construction electrical checklist for your new home is a critical step in the process.

There are some substantial differences between a home with a well-organized electrical checklist and one that does not. Have you ever entered a room wanting the switches to be on one side of the wall? If you’re in a house with a bad electrical checklist, you will get to know. In this blog, we will explain the electrical checklist for your new home construction.


Family/Guest Room

The family room is intended to be a gathering spot for family members to engage in group discussions such as chatting, learning, watching A movie, and other things.

If the TV will be free-standing, a power outlet behind the TV should be assembled. This will keep the wires hidden behind the TV. If the TV will be placed on a table, a power outlet can be installed higher up on the wall behind of TV.

Consider placing your furniture (like Sofa) where you want it, and make sure there are power outlets on both sides. This guarantees enough power points for lighting and other devices. Again, a power outlet with an option of a USB port could be a convenient option for smartphone charging.

It’s also a great idea to have additional power outlets as per the design of the family room. This simply ensures that you have plenty in case you make decisions to reorganize stuff.


Your Kitchen

In kitchens, an essential electrical checklist. Make a plan for where your counter-top equipment will go. It’s always a smart option to have at least two power outlets on each wall with counter space.

If you have specialized countertop devices like a coffee machine, oven, or blender? Consider wherever you want those devices to go and make sure you have enough readily available power points to operate them all without any need for electrical cords or power boards.

Your fridge will require a specific power outlet, and depending on the type of oven you purchase, you will also require a power outlet.

Home builders also provide a power point provision for the chimney if you would like to go with a modular kitchen.


Your Cozy Bedroom

Is your room a king or a queen size? If possible, get the measurements of your bed, and once you’ve decided where it will go in your room, we suggest putting a power outlet on each end of the bed. For this reason, you and your companion will each have a power outlet for charging your phones :), computers, and so on.

Consider purchasing a power outlet with a USB cable to facilitate charging your mobile. Make sure each PowerPoint has at least two sockets; if conceivable, get a PowerPoint with four sockets. We all know that having more power outlets is preferable to not having enough!

If you want to install a TV in your bedroom, consider where it will go and whether it will be wall-mounted or table-mounted. If the TV will be wall-mounted, a power outlet behind the TV should be fitted. This will keep the wires hidden behind the TV. If the TV will be placed on a table, a power outlet can be fitted higher up on the wall behind of TV. You can also place the power outlet closer to the floor.


Laundry Area

It’s always a smart option to have at least another power outlet for your washing machine.

In cold places like hill stations, homeowners also prefer to have a power point for kitchen geysers. You can explore the possibility of a kitchen geyser with your home builder.


Cozy Balcony

It’s recommended to have at least 02 power points per balcony – for AC, & one for your fancy Diwali lights in addition to the integrated power supply provision for lights and fans. Of course, the number of power points will vary depending on the size of the balcony & tailored requirements from the client.



It’s recommended to have at least 03 power outlets in a single washroom – Geyser (in case geyser is not integrated), exhaust and for your personal appliance like hair dryer, beard trimmer etc. There is a trend of smart lighting in washroom mirrors these days – you can consult your home builder to check feasibility.


Cute Children’s Room

Consider where the beds will be positioned in your child’s room and guest rooms, and make sure there’s a power outlet nearby. Again, consider purchasing a power outlet with a USB connection to make a cellphone charger as simple as possible. In most children’s rooms and guestrooms, an additional power outlet is all that is required.


Study Space

Determine the location of your desks and configure at least one power point on the wall in an accessible location. Get a PowerPoint with four sockets and a USB connection, if possible, in order you have that much power for all of your workplace components and systems.

If at all feasible, have your office established so that it holds a wall with the family room. Setup the NBN box next to your desk and near the power outlet in the workplace so it is not an utter mess in your family room. Also, because the router will be close to your family room, there will be no problems getting the Wi-Fi connection to connect to your TV.


Surveillance System

Consider where you want movement-sensitive security lights for exterior surveillance systems.

Where should cameras be placed? Do you want an intrusion burglar alarm that is activated when you leave the house and/or at night?

You should put the keypad somewhere near a door. If you planning to implement camera systems in your home, determine where they will go. These are typically placed at opposite ends of corridors, one in the sitting room and possibly one in the workplace/study room.


Smart Home Appliances

If you want to handle all of your lights, power points, equipment, electrical items, surveillance system, and other devices from a fixed place, you should consider installing a smart home system.

By integrating all of these system applications into a home automation system, you can run any electronic device, such as a mobile, laptop, or desktop.


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